Three of LI's Top Wineries
Visit the best wineries and enjoy samples at each.
Kick Back and Enjoy Long Island Wines
Bring your friends and leave the driving to us!
The New 54 is Here!
Introducing LI's Ultimate Party Bus!

Picture the perfect day. Relaxing with friends and family, with some live acoustic music setting the mood in the background. Sipping on different wines, each one better than the last. Looking out on acres of beautiful countryside as you stop to think, “life is good.” Call Wine Tours Long Island, A Regency Transportation company today at (631) 543-2500 or get a free quote for your trip.

It used to be that you had to plan an expensive trip to the Napa Valley, or even hop the pond to Europe, in order to get this taste of the good life. Not anymore. Long Island’s North Fork has brought that experience right home to New Yorkers and wine enthusiasts around the globe.

Regency Transportation’s Long Island Wine Tour is the ultimate way to enjoy the wineries in worry-free luxury and style. Get a group together and leave the driving to us. All that’s left for you to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the good life for a day.

We can customize your experience with a picnic lunch or a stop at one of the East End’s local restaurants. Your group can even hit some antique shops on the way home! It’s all about delivering an experience your friends and family will never forget.

You won’t have to worry about designated drivers, breathalyzer tests or feeling drowsy behind the wheel. Wine Tours Long Island, A Regency Transportation company takes all those worries and the steering wheel out of your hands, so you and your group can focus on having a good time rather than thinking about what could ruin it. Finding a legal parking spot, getting lost, accessing your GPS, talking on your cell phone and locating an affordable gas station are all things you won’t have to concern yourself with if let us take the driver’s seat. Why spoil an enjoyable trip to the vineyards with a DWI, a parking ticket or getting frustrated in an East End traffic jam? So sit back, relax and leave the driving to us..


The Regency Difference

Updated Buses

Watch a DVD or put on some music as you recline in your comfortable seat with 50+ of your closest friends! All of our buses are fully upgraded to ensure you enjoy the trip and arrive in style in our long island charter bus

Immediate Availability

We’ve got a lot of buses running a lot of tours. That means you’ll always have a seat on one of our buses. Unlike other coach bus companies, we have flexible short-term availability for all of our tours.

Great Rates

With rates starting at just $89 per person, we make it easy to eliminate the hassle of driving and enjoy a worry-free day on the North Fork or New York City.